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Strengthening Resilience in the Niger through an Integrated Multi-Sector and Multi-Partner Safety Net and Disaster Risk Reduction Approach

Operation ID: 200961

More than 2 million people in the Niger are chronically food-insecure, 4.5 million are at risk of food insecurity, and millions more are affected by transitory food insecurity during the lean season. The global acute malnutrition rate of 14.8 percent reaches the World Health Organization’s threshold for “serious”. Building on the previous operation, this new WFP protracted relief and recovery operation will continue to respond to the needs of poor women, men, girls and boys through a safety net approach that applies participatory seasonal planning and incorporates protective, preventive, promotional and transformational functions. In line with Sustainable Development Goal 2 on ending hunger this operation will:

  • protect the people at greatest risk of seasonal shocks and guarantee minimal food and nutrition security through unconditional social safety nets;
  • improve nutrition through prevention and treatment of malnutrition, and nutrition-sensitive activities; and
  • enhance the productive, natural and financial capital of poor people by supporting asset creation and local purchases.

Beneficiaries of the previous operation will receive an integrated package that sustains and builds on the positive results achieved, taking into consideration the time required to return to pre-crisis levels and build resilience to future shocks.