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Augmentation of National and District Level Emergency Logistic Preparedness in Nepal

Operation ID: 200999

This Special Operation (SO) has been prepared in order to build on the preparedness work undertaken by WFP and the Government of Nepal in 2013-2015 having applied lessons learned from the 2014 flood and 2015 earthquake responses.

This SO is in line with WFP’s vision to sustainably enhance national-level emergency logistics capacities to respond to future emergencies. Through the four main areas of activity, this project will help alleviate the impacts of the future disasters on the Nepalese population.

Objectives of the SO include:

  • Establishment of a national humanitarian logistics ‘backbone’ including a humanitarian staging area network with facilities at international points of entry into Nepal and prepositioned mobile logistics hubs ready for rapid deployment into affected areas nationwide.
  • Focuses on the improvement of knowledge of Nepal through gathering relevant and accurate data based on field work and scientific researches.
  • Government and clusters partner training in humanitarian supply-chain management with a strong emphasis on district-level training for autonomous implementation of emergency logistics operations by district governments and NGO partners.
  • Engagement with national and regional food reserves during small, medium and large-scale emergencies, ultimately reducing reliance on internationally imported assistance