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Construction of New Country Office for WFP Nepal

Operation ID: 201025

The Kathmandu valley Seismic Assessment and following a series of consultations, including the 2014 Structural Assessment (SA) of current Country Office (CO) building by an international expert, determined that WFP undertake the relocation of WFP Country Office. The 2014 SA determined that it would cost over US$ 1 million to make the WFP building seismically safe and the landlord indicated his reservation on the building modifications and improvements.

The conclusion of extensive consultations by the WFP Nepal CO and the Strategic Resources Allocation Committee (SRAC) are that the most cost effective outcome is for WFP to purchase land and build new office facilities.

Funding required for the purchase of the land and the building of the new offices was identified and approved in June 2016 by the SRAC and is based on the proposed Concept Note (Annex A). The cost for the purchase of land and construction of facilities to UN MOSS requirements is US$ 4,884,818.  The Project will take approximately 3 years to complete.