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IR-PREP - Emergency Preparedness Activities for Hurricane Matthew

Operation ID: 201031

This Operation expired in October 2016

Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade, churned towards Haiti Sunday October 2nd. Briefly a furious Category 5 storm at the top of the 1-5 Saffir-Simpson scale on September 30th, Matthew has now weakened into a still dangerous Category 4 hurricane. That makes it the strongest Caribbean storm since Hurricane Felix in 2007. The hurricane is forecast to dump 15 to 25 inches of rain over southern Haiti, with possible isolated maximum amounts of 40 inches. This rainfall will likely produce life-threatening flash floods and mud slides.The Haitian Government increased the alert level from orange to the maximum red on October 2nd.

WFP Haiti is preparing to support one month of response activities to cover the potential relief needs of Haitians affected by hurricane Matthew in line with its PRRO objective to support Government interventions to save lives, meet food needs, and enhance food consumption and dietary diversity of the most vulnerable and food insecure populations affected by natural disasters.