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Logistics and Emergency Telecommunications Sector Coordination and Services to augment the Humanitarian Response in NE Nigeria

Operation ID: 201032

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 3.

Prolonged insecurity in NE Nigeria during 2015 and 2016 has resulted in significant displacement and disruption to usual economic activity: internally displaced populations have been relying on government and host community support for an extended period of time and resources are becoming exhausted; high levels of insecurity and ongoing military operations restrict access and limit the ability of humanitarian actors to reach all populations with sufficient aid.

The Government of Nigeria (GoN) and humanitarian organizations are increasing operations capacity and scaling up activities to meet the needs of the affected population in NE Nigeria. Through this Special Operation (SO) WFP will aim to support the efforts of the GoN to enhance existing logistics and emergency telecommunication coordination mechanisms and augment critical logistics and telecommunications capacities as required to enable an effective response.

Due to the unpredictable security situation in the operational areas and the lack of connectivity in deep field locations outside Maiduguri, the Emergency Telecommunications Sector will provide an critical radio network and internet connectivity to support the humanitarian community.

To support the GoN to address the main logistics gaps identified during the initial assessment phase the Logistics Sector will assist in the coordination of cargo movements ex-Maiduguri; consolidate and update information on the operating environment; augment capacity of readily accessible storage for humanitarian cargo.

In addition this project will ensure dedicated staff are available to monitor, and react rapidly to changes in the context as the GoN and humanitarian actors adapt to the fluid security situation and work to meet the needs of the affected population.


This budget revision seeks an increase of US $8,254,119 and an extension in time of eight months to ensure the continuation of activities in Nigeria from 01 May to 31 December 2017.