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Logistics and Telecommunications Augmentation and Coordination in Response to the Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Operation ID: 201033

This operation has been modified as per budget revision 1 (see below)

Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm has hit the Caribbean region and the Government of Haiti has requested for the international assistance.  Whilst full extent of the damage is still unknown, Haiti has been severely affected due to storm surge, high waves and hurricane-force winds causing severe flooding, mudslides and flash floods.  Damage to roads and infrastructure has been reported, especially in especially in the departments of South, Nippes, Grande-Anse, South East and West.

A large logistics operation in coordination with different international, regional and national organizations and MINUSTAH is anticipated. Through this Special Operations WFP, in its capacity as Logistics and Emergency Telecommunications Cluster lead, aims to support the relief efforts of the humanitarian community and the Government of Haiti through its logistics and emergency telecommunications augmentation.

The special operation thus provides for:

  • Logistics coordination, GIS mapping and information management for the logistics response.
  • Logistics augmentation including: strategic airlifts and other air and sea cargo services, temporary inter-agency storage and cargo reception facilities and assessments for emergency road and bridge repairs for access.
  • Provision of emergency telecommunications required for the humanitarian community to respond to the crisis.

This special operation will have an initial duration of 3 months at a total estimated cost of USD 4,517,060.


This BR 1 requests an extension in time of the Special Operation (SO) 201033 in response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, by two months, from 31 December 2016 to 28 February 2017, and adjusts the budget plan in accordance with the revised operational needs