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IR-EMOP Response to population displacement in Pool department of Republic of Congo

Operation ID: 201039

Due to ongoing armed conflict between the Government forces and rebel groups, more than 60 deadly attacks have taken place since late September 2016 in Pool Department in the Republic of Congo.

The violence started in April 2016, however the situation improved after about two months and many people returned to their villages. In June 2016, a Government and an inter-agency rapid assessment mission was conducted which estimated that there were 500 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s). The findings of the underlined the need for assistance, particularly for children and women in the overloaded displacement sites, in the areas of shelter, water, health services, sanitation, food and nutrition. The conflict escalated in September and resulted in thousands of people fleeing the affected areas. Most of the displaced people are settled in Pool Department and the neighbouring Bouenza Department. 

The UN and the Government undertook a joint emergency needs assessment on 7-11 November 2016, to obtain updated information on the humanitarian needs. WFP does not have an existing project vehicle that can accommodate the proposed response outlined in this document. Thus, the proposed IR-EMOP will allow WFP to respond to the Government request with an immediate response.