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Emergency Rehabilitation Work and Capacity strengthening at the Port of Kismayo

Operation ID: 201051

The objective of this Special Operation is the rehabilitation of the Kismayo Port that will allow more efficient humanitarian operations and at same time augment the port capacity as the gateway for local trade and consequently contribute to economic growth in Somalia. 

The rehabilitation works will allow improvement in scale and speed of port services and consequently bring efficiencies to WFP in-kind deliveries through this Port. As the influx of refugee returns to Somalia has significantly increased, mainly departing Dadaab to enter southern Somalia, reliable humanitarian access to Kismayo through its port has become a priority for all agencies. The world’s largest refugee camp of Dadaab has been hosting over 300,000 refugees.

The Special Operation objectives strategically align with the defined national priorities. The need for improvement and rehabilitation of the Somali ports, including Kismayo, is firmly established in the Somalia National Development Plan 2017-2019. As WFP is leading this shift, in future, funds for infrastructural improvements will also be planned within the African Development Bank trust fund. The Special Operation rehabilitation works and capacity strengthening activities therefore pave the way and efficiently complement future upgrades to be planned for the Kismayo port.