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IR-PREP Specific Preparedness Activities in Sri Lanka

Operation ID: 201064

Sri Lanka is a rice dependent country. Two thirds of domestic supply is produced during the “Maha” season from September to March. However, according to an initial assessment carried out by WFP in December 2016, due to drought conditions and water scarcity, this year only about 60% of the paddy land has been brought under the Maha cultivation. Out of the total planted areas, 9% of the paddy fields will not yield any crop and a further 12& are estimated to yield less than half of the normal production. It is estimated that approximately 480,000 people across the country are at risk of becoming food or income insecure due to severe drought, which has reduced two cropping seasons and has increased indebtness of farmers.

To strengthen the preparedness and readiness of WFP to support the Government of Sri Lanka to effectively respond to the drought and to provide continuous analysis of the livelihood and food security impact, WFP Sri Lanka requires immediate funding to assist in accomplishing the following activities:

  1. Prepare a joint action plan with the Government of Sri Lanka for effectively responding to the drought;
  2. Undertake a joint household assessment and carry out continuous monitoring to determine livelihood and food security impacts of the drought;
  3. Initiate the set up of a national vulnerability analysis system using mVAM techniques to monitor and assess the impact of the drought throughout 2017;
  4. Establish three satellite offices in hard-hit areas where WFP is not presently operational to help the government with the coordination and monitoring of the drought response.

The duration of this project will be 3 months (20 February – 20 May 2017).