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To establish and maintain common logistics and emergency telecommunications services in support of the humanitarian community in Libya

Operation ID: 201140

This Special Operation (SO) is established to provide logistics and emergency telecommunication services to the humanitarian community in Libya. The activation of both Logistics and Emergency Telecommunications Sectors has been endorsed by the Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator in Libya after the request from the Humanitarian Country Team, due to the challenges faced within the operational context.

Due to the ongoing crisis, frequent clashes and extremely volatile situation across Libya, the Logistics Sector, through WFP as lead agency will provide logistics coordination and information management support as well as facilitate access to common logistics services to ensure the humanitarian community has the ability to deliver relief items in an effective and efficient manner. Based on the need identified by humanitarian organizations, common logistics services will include reliable common storage services in the main hubs in Libya to cover the western, eastern and southern parts of the country.

Furthermore, WFP was requested to lead the Emergency Telecommunications Sector (ETS) response, providing vital communications services and adressing critical communications and data connectivity gaps for humanitarian organizations currently to support implementation of humanitarian relief efforts.