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Angola Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (Aug 2018 - Dec 2019)

Countries: Angola | Operations ID: AO01 | Operations type: Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (T-ICSP)

T-ICSP approved by the ED in September 2019.

Angola is a refugee-hosting nation. Across the country, there are now over 70,000 refugees and asylum seekers, mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Recently, in March 2017, violent conflict between armed groups as well as inter-ethnic tensions in DRC’s Kasai region led an estimated 35,000 people to flee across the border into Angola’s Lunda Norte Province. Refugees report having fled indiscriminate mass killing and other grave human rights abuses, as well as shortages of food, basic goods and services, and the destruction of community and livelihood assets.

This Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (T-ICSP) positions WFP, together with other UN agencies, as a partner of the Government of Angola in meeting the food and nutrition needs of the DRC refugees in Lunda Norte Province. The T-ICSP is in line with Strategic Objective 1 of WFP’s Strategic Plan (2017-2021) to ensure that everyone has access to food. 

The T-ICSP is aligned with the objectives of the Angola Inter-Agency Refugee Appeal and the DRC Regional Refugee Response Plan (January 2018 to December 2019). In addition, the T-ICSP has integrated recommendations from the WFP/FAO Joint Rapid Food Security and Agriculture Assessment, the WFP Market Assessment, the WFP Baseline Survey, and findings from the UNHCR/WFP Joint Assessment Mission (JAM).

The T-ICSP has one strategic outcome which will contribute to SDG 2. WFP will provide unconditional food assistance with nutrition messaging to meet daily energy and nutrient requirements of food-insecure refugees. Value vouchers will cover a portion of the ration to allow diversification of diets and address beneficiary preferences for locally available foods. The remainder of the ration will be provided through in-kind food assistance.  

DRC refugees faced sexual and gender-based violence prior to leaving the conflict zone in Kasai and have continued to experience such forms of violence since arriving to reception centres/settlements in Angola. The T-ICSP aims to prevent gender-based violence and contribute to gender equality.