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Iraq Country Strategic Plan (2020-2024)

Operation ID: IQ02

CSP approved at the EB.2/2019 session.

Revision 01 approved by the RD in February 2020.

Revision 02 approved by the RD in March 2021.

Revision 02 approved by the ED in March 2022.

Revision 04 approved by the RD in September 2023.

Iraq is an upper-middle-income country whose economic situation is gradually improving following the defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant and the resumption of oil exports. Food insecurity has persisted, however, particularly among internally displaced persons, returnees and rural people in the south of the country. The challenges of rebuilding infrastructure, providing basic services, promoting social cohesion, demobilizing militias, creating jobs and progressing towards gender equality while maintaining security have impeded the country’s efforts to make progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 2 on zero hunger.

WFP’s country strategic plan for Iraq is informed by findings and recommendations derived from a zero hunger strategic review carried out in 2018 with the participation of core government partners and other stakeholders. It has the overall goal of supporting the Government in accelerating progress on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development while shifting WFP’s role from the direct implementation of activities to the enabling of national programmes. This shift is critical in a context that calls for a transition from immediate crisis response to the building of resilience and long-term peace and development. With gender-transformative and nutrition-sensitive programming mainstreamed throughout all activities, the country strategic plan focuses on three interrelated strategic outcomes that contribute to Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 17 by focusing on crisis response (strategic outcome 1), resilient livelihoods (strategic outcome 2) and capacity strengthening (strategic outcome 3).

WFP’s country strategic plan is also aligned with the United Nations sustainable development cooperation framework for 2020–2024. Together with strong partnerships with the Government, United Nations agencies, the World Bank, non-governmental organizations and civil society, these efforts will allow WFP to help Iraq achieve zero hunger, support the country’s development and contribute to improving prospects for peace.