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Jordan Country Strategic Plan (2020-2022)

Countries: Jordan | Operations ID: JO02 | Operations type: Country Strategic Plan (CSP)

CSP approved by the EB November 2019 session.

Revision 01 approved by the ED in July 2021

Revision 02 approved by the RD in November 2021

Jordan is an upper-middle-income country that has weathered a series of shocks in the last decade, notably the Syrian and Iraqi crises, which triggered an unprecedented influx of refugees, disrupted trade and lowered investments. Jordan stands in exceptional solidarity with the 665,000 Syrian and 90,000 refugees of other nationalities registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, notwithstanding the social, economic and environmental impacts of hosting them.

Through this country strategic plan, WFP will provide humanitarian assistance for existing and future crises, albeit with a broader scope than solely Syrian refugees. In line with national priorities, WFP will transition towards resilience building focused on supporting social protection and livelihoods, with an emphasis on empowering women and young people.

This will be done by focusing on four strategic outcomes:

➢ Crisis-affected populations in Jordan, including refugees, meet their food and nutrition needs throughout the year.

➢ Vulnerable populations in Jordan, including children, are covered by adequate social protection schemes by 2022. 

➢ Vulnerable populations in Jordan, with a focus on women and young people, are more self-reliant and have better livelihood opportunities by 2022.

➢ Partnerships in support of the Sustainable Development Goals in Jordan are strengthened through effective and innovative solutions from WFP and its partners by 2022.

This country strategic plan starts a rebalancing of WFP’s portfolio towards Jordan itself, as the country faces increasing challenges. Upstream work will be prioritized to strengthen national capacity to deliver transformative results for residents of Jordan bypassed by economic opportunities.

Partnerships will evolve, with closer, more strategic relationships with government entities. Nutrition, gender equality and protection are taken into consideration throughout the planned activities.

The country strategic plan maximizes internal and external coherence, with outcomes and activities reinforcing each other and supporting the relevant Sustainable Development Goals. It is aligned with the priorities of the Government and will contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development framework for Jordan for 2018–2022. It is also consistent with the WFP Strategic Plan (2017–2021) and the WFP Gender Policy (2015–2020).