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Rwanda country strategic plan (2019-2024)

Operation ID: RW01

CSP approved at EB.2/2018

Revision 01 approved by the CD in August 2019.

Revision 02 approved by the CD in September 2020.

Revision 03 approved by the RD in October 2022.

This country strategic plan guides WFP’s engagement in Rwanda from 2019 to 2023 in support of national priorities for achieving food and nutrition security. WFP will work in partnership with the Government and other stakeholders through the direct implementation of integrated programmes targeting the most vulnerable people and will progressively shift towards building national capacity to formulate, manage and implement programmes for achieving zero hunger. In implementing its activities, WFP will bridge the humanitarian–development nexus and leverage its extensive experience and the contributions it has made in Rwanda over many decades in order to achieve four strategic outcomes:

  • Refugees and returnees in Rwanda have access to adequate and nutritious food at all times.
  • Vulnerable populations in food-insecure communities and areas have improved access to adequate and nutritious food all year.
  • Children under 5, adolescents and pregnant and nursing women and girls in Rwanda have improved access to nutritious foods and services that enable them to meet their nutrition needs all year.
  • Smallholder farmers, especially women, have increased marketable surplus and access to agricultural markets through efficient supply chains by 2030.

The country strategic plan has been developed in consultation with the Government and other partners. It is aligned with national development priorities such as the National Strategy for Transformation (2017–2024), Vision 2020, Vision 2050 and the United Nations Development Assistance Plan for Rwanda (2018–2023), with the WFP Strategic Plan (2017–2021) and Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 17. WFP’s engagement in Rwanda over the next five years is also informed by the national strategic review of food and nutrition security