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Ukraine transitional interim country strategic plan (2023–2024)

Operation ID: UA02

T-ICSP approved by ED-DGFAO in December 2022

Revision 01 approved by ED-DGFAO in December 2023

The onset of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022 created an unprecedented humanitarian situation, with mass displacement at a level and speed not witnessed in Europe since World War II. An estimated 11.1 million people have been identified as food insecure. The impact of the conflict on agricultural production is devastating with up to 30 percent of crops in Ukraine anticipated to remain unharvested in 2022. The repercussions on food security are expected to worsen and indeed will have major impacts on the global availability and affordability of staple foods such as grains and vegetable oil. The volatile situation has required WFP to be agile in adapting its programmatic approach in Ukraine, which is reflected in this transitional interim country strategic plan (2023 – 2024) as WFP’s knowledge of the context, the needs of the affected populations, WFP’s partner network and ability to respond evolve.

WFP has had an operational presence in Ukraine since the onset of the conflict in February 2022. Under the Limited Emergency Operation, WFP has been one of the leading agencies responding to the humanitarian needs of crisis-affected populations across Ukraine, providing food and cash assistance to almost 3 million people a month, supporting the restoration of supply chains and strengthening food systems, as well as providing school meals to crisis-affected schoolchildren and providing services to humanitarian and development partners. This strategic plan is based on the assumption that the conflict and its knock-on effects will persist beyond 2022, and thus continue to negatively impact food security, people’s ability to meet their essential needs, and the safety and security of affected communities, which, alongside rapidly rising poverty levels, will warrant continued humanitarian assistance alongside support to enable the Government of Ukraine to continue to respond to humanitarian needs.

The major focus of WFP operations in Ukraine will continue to be crisis response, while WFP will invest in capacity strengthening of both the Government and non-government partners to enhance the shock-responsiveness of the social protection system, strengthen food systems and pave the way for a smooth transition and eventual handover of humanitarian assistance to the Government and other stakeholders. WFP will continue to invest in strengthening systems and monitoring and assessment information to improve food security and the protection of essential needs. Through these activities and support to humanitarian and development actors in Ukraine, WFP will ensure that crisis-affected populations can meet their needs in an inclusive, safe and dignified way, upholding WFP’s commitment to the humanitarian principles, and that the Government of Ukraine and partners have enhanced food systems and shock-responsive social protection capacities.

Following on from the current Limited Emergency Operation, the plan for 2023–2024 is in line with WFP strategic plan for 2022–2025, the Humanitarian Response Plan for Ukraine (2023) and the United Nations Transitional Framework (2023), and envisions the following three outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Crisis-affected populations in Ukraine, including internally displaced persons, are able to meet their food and nutrition needs during and in the aftermath of a crisis;
  • Outcome 2: Government of Ukraine and partners have enhanced food systems and shock-responsive capacities to support vulnerable populations by 2024; and
  • Outcome 3: Humanitarian and development partners in Ukraine have access to reliable common services and expertise to reach vulnerable people and respond to needs, throughout the year.