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Zambia Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (Jan 2018-Jun 2019)

Countries: Zambia | Operations ID: ZM01 | Operations type: Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (T-ICSP)

T-ICSP approved by ED in November 2017

Revision 02 approved in March 2018. 

Revision 04 approved by the CD in April 2019

WFP’s strategy in Zambia is based on supporting the Government of the Republic of Zambia in achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 17. WFP’s activities are in line with the Government’s goals as laid out in the draft 7  National Development Plan and recently released 2nd National Agricultural Policy (2016–2020).

WFP’s main programmatic areas have been designed to have strategic interlocking linkages and synergies with each other. WFP supports social protection and poverty reduction programmes through technical assistance, and looks to leverage these programmes, as well as the organization’s catalytic demand as a buyer of food, to support crop diversification and sustainable development solutions in Zambia through public-private partnerships.

This Transitional Interim Country Strategic Plan (T-ICSP) supports the Government in achieving the following outcomes:

  • Vulnerable school children in prioritized food insecure districts have access to adequate and nutritious food throughout the year.
  • Communities in food insecure areas have improved nutritional status in line with national targets by 2020.
  • Targeted smallholders have increased livelihood resilience related, social and economic shocks by 2030.

Disaster management, social protection, and economic systems in Zambia reliably address the basic food and nutrition needs of the vulnerable populations throughout the year, including in times of crisis.

This plan is integrated with Zambia’s United Nations Development Assistance Framework (2016–2020) and contributes to Strategic Results 1, 2, 3, and 5 in WFP’s Strategic Plan (2017– 2021).