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Oversight activities at the World Food Programme (WFP) promote the accountability and transparency of the organization, and are carried out by Office of the Inspector General.  

The mission of the Office of the Inspector General is to conduct objective and independent oversight activities to detect and deter fraud, waste and abuse. Oversight services cover all programmes, systems, processes, operations and activities undertaken by WFP and include:

  • internal auditing covering a mix of WFP units and processes, including country offices, headquarters divisions and units, and organization-wide processes;
  • advisory assurance - expressing an opinion on whether WFP’s internal control, governance and risk management processes provide reasonable assurance that the organization’s objectives will be achieved;
  • investigations into potential wrongdoings such as fraud, theft and harassment; and
  • inspections of units, systems or practices perceived to carry potential risk.

The activities of the Office of the Inspector General conform to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing of the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations as endorsed by the Conference of International Investigators.

The Office of the Inspector General’s activities are reviewed on a regular basis by an external quality assurance provider to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

Our oversight work

  • Fraud and corruption

    WFP has zero tolerance for fraud, corruption and collusive practices, which are contrary to its core values. The Office of the Inspector General investigates reports of such practices and, based on its findings, recommends administrative or disciplinary action, or highlights weaknesses in controls. WFP is increasing its focus on fraud and corruption, including vendor and third-party fraud.

  • Sexual exploitation and abuse

    WFP takes cases of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse very seriously. The Office of the Inspector General investigates reports of these incidents and recommends disciplinary action. In addition, it has developed a mandatory e-learning course in four languages on protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, as well as anti-fraud and anti-corruption, for all WFP staff.

  • Vendor sanctions framework

    WFP has established the “WFP Framework for Vendor Sanctions” which is specifically applicable to alleged instances of fraud, corruption or other proscribed activities committed by third parties.

  • Contribution to other organizations’ oversight policies

    The Office of the Inspector General actively contributes to other organizations’ policies in coordination with Rome-based agencies as well as in other UN organizations, as a member of the United Nations Representatives of Internal Audit Services (UN-RIAS) and the United Nations Representatives of Investigations Services (UNRIS).

WFP fraud/misconduct hotline

The Office of the Inspector General operates a hotline to provide a convenient way for WFP employees, its contractors, counterparts, implementing partners, UN agencies and others to confidentially report incidents of fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement.

The service is provided in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese can be accessed via the web at or by direct contact at:

Telephone: +39 06 6513 3663

Confidential fax: +39 06 6513.2063