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2022- Country Capacity Strengthening Policy Update
The 2022 Country Capacity Strengthening (CCS) policy update aims to clarify and update concepts, terminology, and corporate understanding related to CCS and set out the purpose of WFP’s engagement in CCS.

Country Capacity Strengthening (CCS) is critical to WFP’s realization of its strategic objectives and progress toward Zero Hunger. This policy update reaffirms WFP’s commitment to CCS, sets out the purpose of WFP’s engagement in CCS, and refines and articulates key concepts. It proposes an adaptive and systemic approach to CCS that is driven by the national and local context and presents a strategic framework for working with a range of actors across mutually reinforcing entry points to develop impactful, localized solutions. It provides strategic direction for engaging in CCS across diverse contexts to strengthen social protection, emergency preparedness and response, and food systems.