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2023 - Testing the Acceptability and Organoleptic Qualities of Multiple Micronutrient Fortified Rice in School Children, LAO PDR

Author: Frank T. Wieringa, IRD Maree Bouterakos, WFP Lao PDR Souphalack Inphonephong, WFP Lao PDR
The study is a part of the research activities of the School Meals Programme under the financial support of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) via McGovern-Dole Programme 2020-2025.

This study aimed to better understand the changes in organoleptic qualities of rice once fortified, and whether these changes influence its acceptability by the target beneficiaries. The primary objective was to determine whether caregivers (which could either be parents or relatives), teachers, and school children, could differentiate between fortified rice and unfortified/conventional rice. A secondary objective was to determine nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours towards fortified food products. The former objective was tested through a triangle test in which subjects were asked whether they could identify differences in taste, appearance, or smell among three bowls of rice. For the latter objective, a short questionnaire was administered and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with caregivers and teachers were organized.