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Annual Evaluation Report 2018
Overview on the 2018 evaluation reports and annual update on developments in WFP's evaluation function.

This is the third annual evaluation report produced under WFP’s Evaluation Policy (2016–2021).

Part 1 explains the purpose of evaluation and how it is evolving in line with WFP’s strategic direction and trends in WFP’s operating environment. It gives an overview of centralized and decentralized evaluations completed, conducted and  planned  in the period 2018 to 2019 and highlights the various types of evaluation evidence available for supporting WFP’s strategic priorities.

Part 2 examines the performance of WFP’s evaluation function. It reports major developments in the function in both centralized and decentralized evaluations and assesses the key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring progress against the outcomes identified in the Evaluation Policy (2016–2021) in the areas of evaluation coverage, quality and use of evaluation reports, evaluation partnerships and joint evaluations, and financial and human resources for the evaluation function.

Part 3 looks ahead, presenting the outlook for the evaluation function and highlighting areas for attention  in  the  coming  years. Building on the positive assessment of  the evaluation function issued by the Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment  Network (MOPAN) in February 2019, priorities are identified for each of the objectives of the evaluation policy.