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Annual Evaluation Report 2021
Providing an overview of 2021 evaluation reports and an annual update on developments in WFP’s evaluation function

This is the sixth and final annual evaluation report produced under the WFP evaluation policy for 2016–2021. The next annual evaluation report will be framed by the new strategic plan and corporate results framework for 2022–2025 and the updated evaluation policy, covering 2022–2030.

Part 1 provides an overview of evaluation evidence that supports the achievement of WFP’s strategic priorities and includes centralized and decentralized evaluations completed, conducted and planned in 2021 and 2022, as well as ongoing impact evaluations.

Part 2 examines the performance of WFP’s evaluation function. It reports major developments and assesses the key performance indicators used to measure progress towards the outcomes identified in the evaluation policy for 2016–2021 in the areas of evaluation coverage, quality and use of evaluation reports, evaluation partnerships and joint evaluations and financial and human resources for evaluation.

Part 3 looks ahead, presenting the outlook for the evaluation function and highlighting areas for attention in 2022, which will be a year of transition to the evaluation policy for 2022–2030.