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Brazil Centre of Excellence and the African Union Partnership
The WFP Brazil Centre of Excellence against Hunger launched a new short publication presenting the collaboration between the Centre and the African Union Commission to advocate for home-grown school feeding and to support AU member states in their efforts to scale up school feeding across the continent.

Since 2011, the WFP Brazil Centre of Excellence has been working with several African countries to increase their interest in school feeding programmes, foster policy discussions and exchanges, and provide technical assistance to the design and implementation of their programmes. The mobilization around school feeding raised the interest of the African Union Commission, and in 2015 they sent a delegation to Brazil for a study visit focused on home-grown school feeding. After that, the African Union Commission decided to include home-grown school feeding programmes in the Continental Education Strategy, promote a formal resolution to increase member states’ commitment to school feeding and conduct a continental study on school feeding to inform decision makers about the challenges and benefits of school feeding for African countries.

The WFP Brazil Centre of Excellence has provided technical and financial support to all these initiatives since 2015 and, in 2019, delivered an evidenced-based package for the African Union to take ownership and implement a Continental School Feeding Cluster. The new publication presents the history of this fruitful collaboration and the results it has achieved with a full delivery of tools for regional ownership to convene actions on home-grown school feeding.