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In-camp Post-Distribution Monitoring Report Quarter 1—2022
WFP increased the monthly transfer value from TRY 120 to TRY 150 in January 2022 and provided a top-up of TRY 1300 per household in two equal instalments in February and March to alleviate the negative effects of the high inflation. Although the level of acceptable food consumption and diversity of diet improved, the use of coping behaviours became more frequent and the food expenditure share increased, indicating a deterioration in the purchasing power.

The transfer value delivered under the e-voucher programme increased from TRY 120 to TRY 150 per person per month as of January 2022 to better support camp residents in meeting their needs. However, the economic downturn and high inflation rates continued to affect the purchasing power of refugees in the first three months of 2022. As such, WFP distributed TRY 1,300 per household in two instalments in February and March 2022 to compensate for the diminishing purchasing power and the decreased income due to less employment opportunities during the winter.

While the transfer value increase and top-up payments contributed to the increasing level of acceptable food consumption and a more diverse diet, the support did not prevent in-camp refugees from adopting coping behaviours to meet their basic needs. In addition to more frequent use of coping strategies, refugee households spent a greater portion of their disposable income to buy food, leaving less in their pocket to cover other essential needs.