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CERFAM Fact Sheet: Leveraging Good Practices to achieve Food Security, Nutrition, and sustainable Food Systems

Author: CERFAM
CERFAM's corporate brochure presents its mission, priority areas for action, strategic pillars, and achievements in a succinct and captivating way. The brochure is a way to raise CERFAM’s profile and visibility among our wide audience.

CERFAM has several tools that allow it to connect and communicate with its audience, both internally and externally. These tools include, among others, a corporate brochure which presents in detail its mission, vision, and strategic objective. It recalls who CERFAM is and what it does to contribute to the achievement of SDG 2 in Africa. CERFAM focus also in this brochure to its Knowledge management, which is at the heart of its work, because providing a unique tool for experience sharing and exchange focused on food security and nutrition, and mainly on its digital platform that promotes knowledge exchange, the mobilisation of expertise, the replication of good practices and interactions between experts.