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Digital Financial Inclusion and Women’s Economic Empowerment through Cash Transfers

DFI through Cash Transfers

In 2021 WFP transferred US$2.3 billion to 42 million people (52 percent women and girls), in 69 countries. In addition, we supported 52 countries in setting up or scaling up their national cash programmes and Government-to-People payments. The combination of conflict, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic have indeed devastated people’s lives, livelihoods, and national economies.  Combined with a looming global food crisis, the world is on fire and women continue to bear the brunt. Our work needs to be more efficient and impactful than ever. Unleashing women’s economic power is our best bet to achieve gender equality and lift millions out of poverty and food insecurity. Evidence shows that when women are economically empowered, everyone benefits and economies grow. 

WFP can provide first-time access to bank or mobile money accounts owned by women themselves and can help governments do the same. When women have accounts in their names and are confident using them, they can be financially resilient, save or access loans, and build a future for themselves and their family. It means that families and entire societies flourish - women can break the cycle of poverty and hunger, truly saving and changing lives.