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EQAS Evaluation Quality Assurance System

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EQAS is the 'How to' for centralized and decentralized evaluations and quality standards.

The Evaluation Quality Assurance System (EQAS) is a comprehensive system covering all types of evaluations managed by WFP:

  • Centralized evaluations, those commissioned and managed by the Office of Evaluation, which include strategic, policy, country strategic plan, corporate emergency and synthesis evaluations.
  • Decentralized evaluations, those commissioned and managed by WFP country offices, regional bureaux and HQ divisions.

EQAS builds on the norms and standards of the United Nations Evaluation Group, the OECD-DAC Evaluation Network, related tools from the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP), and the wider evaluation literature and community of practice.

EQAS is composed by a series of guidance for process and content organized by evaluation types. It provides guidance and quality standards on: 

  • Each step in the evaluation process, to ensure transparency and a systematic way of working across evaluation teams
  • The structure of evaluation deliverables, to ensure comprehensive coverage of the evaluation subject, and systematic, comparable reporting
  • Expected quality standards, including criteria for quality assurance
  • Specific aspects of an evaluation process or detailed guidance on aspects of the methodology through detailed Technical Notes

Technical notes

CEQAS is the 'how-to' for centralized evaluations.  DEQAS is the 'how-to' for decentralized evaluations.