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Evaluation of Senegal WFP Country Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Cover page
The evaluation was commissioned by the WFP Office of Evaluation to provide evidence for accountability and learning to inform the design of the next county strategic plan (CSP) for Senegal.

The evaluation covered all WFP activities implemented between 2018 and July 2022 including WFP’s strategic positioning, its effectiveness in contributing to strategic outcomes, the efficiency of CSP implementation and factors explaining WFP’s performance. 

The evaluation concluded that:

  • The CSP was relevant to Senegal's context and WFP is highly valued as a partner by the Government and its partners. Some gaps exist in WFP’s strategic positioning, such as linkages with the national social protection programme, integration of activities, and inter-agency cooperation on resilience.
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency varied across activities, with successful responses to COVID-19 and resilience, mixed results for cash transfers for lean season support, and malnutrition. More could be done to demonstrate WFP’s contribution to gender equality in Senegal. The shift to cash-based transfers was effective in reducing transfer costs.
  • In Senegal's stable context, sustainability is a priority, requiring more efforts on institutional capacity strengthening.