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EvaluVision: How visual thinking improves evaluation use and influence

cover of the report
This book aims to help you improve the utilization of evaluation through a method we call “EvaluVision”, a combination of Evaluation and Visualization.

Evaluation has much to offer in improving efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, innovation. But this is only possible when evaluation is utilized.

Evaluation may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The report can be quite technical and lengthy, with different theories and formulas.

It is not always easy for non-evaluation experts to fully grasp the contents. One attempt to improve the utilization of evaluation is EvaluVision. It filters content, technical language, theories, and organizes them into comprehensible graphics.

Through visual thinking, EvaluVision encourages engagement from various level, management, programme, implementing partners, national and subnational officials, and communities.

It is an attempt at World Food Programme to maximize the evaluation through visual thinking. It was designed and tested at workshops in Asia and the Pacific Region.

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