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FAO-WFP Anticipatory Action Strategy

Author: FAO-WFP
Recognizing that the increasing number of food crises require resources and capacities far beyond the reach of any individual organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) are partnering together to scale up the reach of Anticipatory Action

The two agencies are committed to further strengthening collaboration on selected strategic and technical areas that bring out their comparative strengths and maximize the benefit to communities at risk of shocks to their food security. By partnering on scaling up Anticipatory Action, WFP and FAO commit to:

1. jointly deliver a comprehensive set of Anticipatory Action measures to protect people’s food security from shocks;

2. expand the geographic coverage and anticipation for different types of shocks, beyond hydrometeorological hazards, that can be predicted and affect agriculture and food security; and

3. jointly advocate for the mainstreaming of Anticipatory Action within key policies, processes and institutions, including disaster risk management, social protection and climate change adaptation to enable sustainability and greater cost efficiencies.