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FFA: Building climate resilience for food security and nutrition in Masvingo, Zimbabwe - 2020
Learn more about how the Njovo weir construction, as part of a broader multi-layered FFA project in Zimbabwe, contributed to increased water availability and a community nutrition garden with horticulture activities for enhanced food security and nutrition.

The construction of the long awaited Njovo weir began in Masvingo, Zimbabwe in May 2018 as part of a broader multi-layered Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) project and was completed by November 2018 with the technical support of local NGO Aquaculture Zimbabwe. The increased water availability made possible by the weir allowed for the implementation of a community nutrition garden with horticulture activities commencing in November 2019. Additional water management activities undertaken as part of the Njovo project included the construction of a water harvesting system, which collects runoff water from a nearby rock mountain and guides the water to a tank that supplies the local school promoting the home-grown school feeding initiative, and a drainage ditch to stabilize an access road near the school. Beekeeping, poultry rearing, and fish farming activities were also introduced allowing for additional sources of food and income for participating households. All these activities contributed to enhancing the food security and nutrition levels of vulnerable groups.