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Hope on the Horizon: Cash Transfers Fueling the Fight against Hunger and Poverty March 2023 - Collection of Impact Stories from the Tanzania Productive Social Safety Net II (PSSN-II) project

Author: Justice Rutenge, CO Tanzania
This publication features success stories highlighting the impact of activities supported by the World Food Programme (WFP) under the Second Productive Social Safety Net Programme implemented by the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF). The stories illustrate some of the most significant changes capturing rich, detailed accounts of beneficiary experiences as a result of the programme.

In August 2012 the Government of Tanzania (GoT) established a productive social safety net (PSSN) system through the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) to assist poor and vulnerable households to improve access to income, health, and education. In early 2020, Government of Tanzania launched the second phase of PSSN.

One component of PSSN II, is conditional cash transfer with the aim of providing regular predictable cash transfers to help interrupt the intergenerational transmission of poverty. These transfers directly contribute to enhancing food and nutrition security.

In line with its Country Strategic Plan, WFP supports the scale up of PSSN II in urban areas in the form of cash transfers to extremely poor households residing in urban areas. WFP also provides technical assistance to enhance the future provision of cash-based transfers.