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Linking disaster risk financing with social protection: an overview of concepts and considerations - June 2023
Disaster risk financing when linked with social protection systems can enable faster, more cost-effective and predictable responses to climate shocks. Linking the two at national, regional or local levels can better support vulnerable people.

In recent years, leveraging national social protection systems as a crucial component of strategies aimed at responding to covariate shocks is becoming increasingly popular with governments and international partners. The aim is to safeguard livelihoods, ensure food security, and enhance overall resilience, enabling vulnerable people to adapt and cope with the impacts of hazards. This document examines the intersections between DRF, as a system of budgetary and financial mechanisms arranged in advance to credibly pay for a specific risk, and social protection. It emphasises the benefits of coordinating the two to finance shock-responsive social protection measures. By providing insights into key DRF instruments, their usage by various actors, operational considerations, and reflections on coordination with social protection systems, this document contributes to the ongoing debate on strengthening the linkages between DRF and social protection.