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MARA-WFP Global SSTC Initiative Overview 2022
On a yearly basis, WFP PRO (SSTC Unit) shares insights into progress made under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China (MARA)-WFP Global SSTC initiative. This year’s report provides an overview of the 2022 achievements of WFP’s efforts to promote SSTC with support from MARA.

The 2022 report contains detailed SSTC country information for both the SSTC Assistance Fund projects and the SSTC Country Projects, analyses of lessons learned and challenges, development solutions provided by the WFP’s China CoE and proposed next steps that were collected from WFP’s COs. Building on the successful achievements of the SSTC Country Projects and the SSTC Assistance Fund projects, WFP and China will consistently make joint efforts in up-scaling, expanding, and diversifying the development of SSTC in the future.