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Myanmar Community Resilience Project 2022 Stakeholder Engagement Plan (draft for consultations)
The objective of the Myanmar Community Resilience Project (MCRP) is to maintain and build resilience of vulnerable populations to enable their future development. This Stakeholder Engagement Plan has been prepared to comply with the World Bank Environmental and Social Standard 10 on Stakeholder Engagement and covers the interventions supported by the Project that will be implemented by WFP.

During the preparation of activities under the MCRP, WFP has and will provide stakeholders with timely, relevant, understandable and accessible information, and consult with them in a culturally appropriate manner, which is free of manipulation, interference, coercion, discrimination and intimidation.

The SEP outlines the ways in which the WFP has and will continue to communicate with project stakeholders and includes the description of the grievance mechanism/community feedback mechanism used by WFP for people to raise concerns, provide feedback, or make complaints about any activities related to the project. This mechanism is essential to the success of the project to ensure smooth collaboration between the WFP and local communities, as well as to minimize and mitigate environmental and social risks related to the proposed activities.

Annex: Standard complaint form to WFP