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Seasonal Livelihood Programming, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan - 2019
Seasonal Livelihood Programming (SLP) supports tailored response plans at sub-national levels by linking the national-level Integrated Context Analysis (ICA) with communities and partners to deliver complementary programmes. SLP is a tool to identify short and long-term interventions suited to a variety of contexts.

The findings in this report are based on a multi-layer consultative process involving representatives of federal, provincial and district governments, representatives of communities from Bara, Jamrud, Landi Kotal and Mulagori tehsils of district Khyber, academia, NGOs and United Nations Agencies. The goal of the consultation was to produce Seasonal Livelihood Programming (SLP) products to support the local authorities, government departments and local communities in district Khyber, to inform and strengthen the designing, planning, integration and linkages between existing and new interventions in the Khyber district. The specific objective was to discuss and identify major livelihood domains in the District, times of year when these livelihoods occur and how it affects people and programming including times of challenges and opportunities.