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Turkiye In-Camp E-Voucher Programme Factsheets 2023
This quarterly report summarizes the in-camp e-voucher programme and key highlights

After more than a decade since the conflict in Syria erupted, Türkiye continues to host the world’s largest refugee population of around four million people. Most of these refugees live amongst the host community with around 45,000 of them living in camps in the southeast of the country. This status quo, however, changed in the aftermath of the earthquakes that struck the country on 6 February, affecting an area home to roughly 1.74 million refugees. The disaster caused the camp population to increase to around 80,000, with Turkish nationals and refugees seeking shelter in the prefab setups after losing their homes to the earthquake. Along with the regular beneficiaries of the e-voucher programme, these new camp residents received family food packages as part of the emergency response initiated in February