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United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) 2021 and India's Food System Policies
The paper provides strategic insights that underline India's incredible journey from a ship-to-mouth situation concerning food to institutionalizing 'Right to Food' and establishing itself among limited net exporters of food, ranking very high in most production measures.

This paper, prepared in the wake of the U.N. Food System Summit 2021, provides chronological as well as strategic insights into India's journey from a food starved and import-dependent country to a food surplus, and now a net exporter. This information was scattered and available for different periods. The paper knit together important policy and development initiatives taken since 1962. Besides serving as a reference resource for researchers, students, media writers, policymakers, and civil society groups, the paper offers important lessons from various policy and development initiatives to craft and suggest a way forward as we moved towards the pioneering Food Systems Summit 2021 in September.