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WFP Lebanon - Livelihoods and Resilience - June 2021
WFP delivers livelihood and resilience programming to vulnerable Lebanese, Syrian refugees, and refugees of other nationalities. The aim is to sustainably improve household food security and community resilience to economic and climatic shocks and stresses through: income generation and employment creation, strengthening of food systems, natural resource management, and community asset creation. Participants receive short-term conditional cash assistance to support their food and other essential needs. They also receive trainings to build their individual capacities and improve opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.
WFP has expanded its cash assistance programme to include vulnerable residents who have been directly or indirectly affected by the blast as well as people across the country who were struggling due to the economic crisis and COVID-19 lockdown measures. As the economic crisis heavily affected people’s ability to find work opportunities and have a reliable source of income through which their needs can met, WFP’s livelihoods interventions empower participants as well as beneficiaries and gives them the opportunity to provide for themselves in a challenging environment.