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WFP Lebanon - Support to National Social Protection Systems - June 2021
WFP supports the food component of the National Poverty Targeting Programme (NPTP), which is Lebanon’s first targeted social safety net programme assisting Lebanese living in poverty. Amidst the worsening economic situation and political instability, WFP’s role in keeping the vulnerable Lebanese away from hunger through the NPTP is more crucial than ever.
NPTP food assistance is delivered via e-cards which can be used in more than 400 WFP-contracted shops to buy food, enabling the most vulnerable Lebanese families to meet their basic food needs all year long. The programme’s crucial role in keeping the Lebanese away from hunger grows by the day, especially with the imminent lifting of subsidies on basic commodities, as the economic situation continues to worsen with no apparent solutions in sight.
Building on its expertise and tools for large-scale crisis response, WFP is also assisting the Lebanese government for the effective implementation of the NPTP. Direct support is being provided for the expansion of the NPTP, including support for staffing, training, and beneficiary communication.
These activities – crucial to support Lebanon in reaching Sustainable Development Goal 2 on Zero Hunger and to foster social cohesion and stability in the face of significant straining factors – cannot be pursued in isolation. WFP works in partnership with government authorities, other UN agencies, NGOs and the private sector – including a network of over 400 local shops that are at the forefront of WFP’s refugee response.