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How do you deliver food when natural disaster strikes? 


When an earthquake hits, or it rains so hard that roads flood, leaving people stranded?


WFP has an answer for a very large problem with a tiny, but powerful solution...

Meet Herbert the Sherp!

These tiny, compact, all-terrain vehicles are changing the way we deliver food to those who need it the most. After extreme floods, earthquakes and tsunamis, these all-terrain vehicles can handle the toughest road conditions. When there are no roads, they “swim” across water to deliver meals to people who, without your help, would have nothing.


A Sherp traveling through swamp lands to save lives


These vehicles aren’t only incredibly agile – they’re also cost-efficient. In many cases, we fly helicopters and airplanes to deliver emergency food when roads are blocked, and land access is impossible. But traveling by air (though powerful and quick!) costs a lot and should only be used in the most extreme cases. 

That’s where Sherps come in. A Sherp can carry 2000 life-saving meals up to 600 kilometers on a single tank! Delivering meals with Sherps costs 20x less than delivering by air, meaning that these vehicles make your dollar go 20x further. 



A Sherp can travel nearly half the distance of Italy on a single tank!
A Sherp can travel half the distance of Italy on a single tank!


Across mountains, swamps, deserts, and flood lands, we’re doing what it takes to end hunger and save lives. 


With your help, right now, Sherps are delivering life-saving food in the hardest to reach places.

If you’d like to make an additional gift to help us keep driving Sherps to reach those most in need, click here.

A Sherp can treck across any terrain to save lives!

On behalf of everyone at WFP, Herbert wants to say thank you!