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3 December 2020

Food Security and Climate Resilience in Palestine

In the wake of elusive peace prospects, diminishing humanitarian funding and eroding availability of natural resources, WFP Office in Palestine embarked on an innovative pilot experimenting with climate resilient agricultural activities as a mean to simultaneously improve immediate food security and nutritional needs of the poorest Palestinian households while empowering their self-reliance in the face of conflict and climate generated shocks.
The pilot was informed in part by WFP’s experience with climate resilient agricultural projects in other countries with the aim to identify most feasible options that are best suited for the Palestinian context. The results demonstrated success in helping families improve their food security, dietary diversity and in some instances the livelihood through income generation.
Watch the video to find out more how WFP leverages its expertise of applying innovative approaches for transforming food security crisis into development opportunities by diversifying livelihood strategies and reducing aid dependency in Palestine.