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14 October 2019

WFP News Video for World Food Day 2019

As we mark World Food Day on 16 October, we take note of the fact that more than 800 million people – one in nine people globally - are facing chronic hunger, unable to meet their basic food requirements not just today but day after day in their lives. For the most part, the causes of hunger remain the same – conflict, the climate crisis and economic marginalization.
WFP is working to bring food assistance to more than 80 million of those worst affected by hunger in more than 80 countries around the world. These include countries like Yemen, Mozambique and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Last year, there were 28 million new displacements associated with conflict (10.8 million) and disasters (17.2 million) across 148 countries and territories. More than 60 percent of new displacements were triggered by disasters and 39 percent by conflict and violence.
Broadcast quality footage available on request for accredited news organizations, please contact