Pabitra Bista of Moyal Village in Far-west Nepal speaks about her life changing experience after becoming a recipient of WFP-GIZ supported community based commercial farming. Copyright: WFP/Deepesh Shrestha


Nepal: Villagers Shift Away From Traditional Farming

 “I can’t describe in words how thankful I am to WFP and GIZ for showing us the way to overcome poverty and making us independent and self-reliant,” says Pabitra as she started weeding the garlic field with a hoe. “I had always felt my life was cursed but their (WFP and GIZ) support has turned it into a blessing.” 


With a population of 26.6 million, Nepal is struggling to give itself a new constitution and a stable government after a decade of civil conflict. Nepal has a GDP per capita of US$1,049, and ranks 157 of 187 countries on the 2011 UNDP Human Development Index. Twenty-five percent lives below the national poverty line (less than US$0.50 per day). Agricultural production is not at pace with the population growth, and frequent natural disasters destroy the livelihoods of many Nepalese. According to FAO, 4.5 million Nepalese are undernourished. 



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