Nyanwuor Lam and her 2-year-old daughter, Akwol, made a long and dangerous journey to escape fighting in their hometown of Bor, South Sudan. They have found safety in a refugee transit camp in Uganda, where they receive hot meals each day from WFP and its partners, and where Nyanwuor will give birth to a new baby soon.

Photo: WFP/Tine Frank

In Uganda, Mum-to-be Recounts Terrifying Flight From South Sudan

The dream of independence in the new country of South Sudan was shattered with the outbreak of fierce fighting in mid-December 2013. Tens of thousands of people fled to safety in neighbouring countries, particularly Uganda. WFP is providing food for the newly arriving refugees – people like Nyanwuor, a pregnant woman with three young children who tells her story below.


Uganda has significantly reduced its levels of hunger and poverty over the last two decades. However, WFP's support remains important in addressing humanitarian challenges, mostly in the conflict-scarred, drought-affected northeast of Uganda and among refugees. Meanwhile, in the areas of the country that produce food surpluses, WFP is playing a key role in providing agriculture and market support for smallholder farmers.