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What is the Immediate Response Account?

The Immediate Response Account (IRA) is WFP’s life-saving funding facility, which allows WFP to rapidly respond to emergencies. IRA-financed assistance can be deployed within 24 hours of the onset of a crisis.

What is the importance of the IRA?

Contributions to the IRA have the highest degree of flexibility and are non–earmarked. This allows WFP’s executive leadership to identify priority operations. As it consists of multilateral funding, the IRA reinforces the principles of timeliness, predictability and flexibility.

Use of Flexible (former Multilateral) and Immediate Response Account Funding -2019

Use of Flexible (former Multilateral) and Immediate Response Account Funding - 2018

Use of Flexible (former Multilateral) and Immediate Response Account Funding - 2017

View the historical funding for flexible contributions

IRA Donors *

Donors US$
United States of America 14,500,000
Germany 12,670,235
Belgium 12,186,208
Switzerland 8,671,742
France 2,389,486
Luxembourg 594,530
Faroe Islands (Associate Member) 230,943
Liechtenstein 112,360
Bulgaria 102,620
Spain 11,333
All Donors in 2021 as at 10/25/21 51,469,457
* In addition to donors who contribute directly to the IRA, WFP also depends on multilateral funds for the IRA. Please see the Multilateral Funding page for more information on multilateral donors.

IRA Allocations

Allocations US$
Afghanistan 48,826,290
Angola 1,205,967
Burundi 1,408,451
Bhutan 232,960
Central African Republic 1,408,451
Côte d'Ivoire 93,897
Cameroon 281,000
Colombia 154,690
Algeria 1,784,037
Ethiopia 22,131,415
Guinea 1,572,428
Gambia 938,932
Haiti 3,286,385
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 180,000
Jordan 1,971,831
Liberia 164,319
Libya 1,453,926
Madagascar 16,150,000
Mali 1,247,066
Myanmar 8,450,704
Mozambique 27,268,967
Niger 1,408,451
Nigeria 15,492,958
Nicaragua 229,810
Pakistan 479,230
Latin America & Caribbean Bureau 398,209
Rwanda 440,709
Senegal 938,967
West Africa Bureau 93,897
Sierra Leone 1,032,864
South Sudan 277,430
Chad 281,690
Tajikistan 748,484
United Republic of Tanzania 187,000
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 3,755,869
All Allocations in 2021 as at 10/25/21 165,977,284