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European Union helps Syrian families buy nutritious food as humanitarian needs soar

DAMASCUS – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed a new contribution of EUR 3 million from the European Union to scale up cash-based assistance to approximately 30,000 vulnerable and food insecure Syrians who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

This funding will provide pregnant and nursing mothers and food insecure households with an electronic voucher so they can purchase a diverse range of foods to boost their nutrition. As the price of basic foods across Syria reaches unprecedented highs, families will be able to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products.


The contribution comes at a critical time when a record 12.4 million Syrians – almost 60 percent of the population - are now food insecure and unable to meet their basic food needs.


“In households across Syria, one thing is clear. Families are struggling like never before and without immediate humanitarian assistance even more Syrians will face hunger and food insecurity,” said Sean O’Brien, WFP Country Director in Syria. “Continued partnership with the European Union enables WFP to support parents to feed their children.”


Through cash-based transfers, families can purchase food they need using a single electronic card. This helps pregnant and nursing mothers meet their unique nutritional needs and give their children the best possible start to life.


In August 2021, WFP began the scale up of its general food assistance programme in response to the dire conditions and growing humanitarian needs across the country. WFP is now providing an additional one million people each month with monthly food assistance, with a plan to reach 5.8 million people. However, needs are dramatically outpacing resources.


The EU is one of WFP’s top ten donors in Syria contributing a total of US$ 233 million /EUR 198 million since the start of the conflict. Continued support from donors like the European Union remains vital for millions of families across Syria.


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