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Norway and WFP join hands to ensure the most at-risk Palestinian families maintain access to nutritious food

JERUSALEM – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) welcomed an urgent contribution of NOK 30 million (US$2,9 million) from the Government of Norway which will allow WFP to continue providing critical food assistance to the most at-risk families in Palestine.

Responding to the combined effects of alarming escalation of violence, a deteriorating economy and worsening humanitarian conditions that continue to expose Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank to striking levels of vulnerability, WFP and Norway are supporting 20,100 of the most food insecure Palestinians in Gaza through electronic food vouchers.  Over the period of 12 months, this assistance will enable each family to buy nutritious food items of their preference, including fresh dairy products, eggs, vegetables, and meat at 200 local retailers.

“Increased poverty, stagnation, and limited access to employment and essential food supplies are key challenges in Gaza today,” said Torunn Viste, the Norwegian Representative to the PA. “This partnership with WFP is critical as it maintains a lifeline for some of the most vulnerable non-refugee families in Gaza, including families with female heads of households.”

The continued shortage in available resources of US$ 43 million for the coming six months is preventing WFP from reinstating its support to 200,000 vulnerable Palestinians who -since June- no longer receive food assistance. It also remains a serious challenge to sustain the current level of support to 140,000 of the most at-risk individuals who have already been pushed to the limits.  WFP support has been an endeavour that prevents instability and food insecurity from becoming the new reality for hundreds of thousands of families. 

“Norway’s generous contribution comes in an exceptionally desperate time marked by a funding crunch that continues to force WFP to navigate into difficult choices,” said WFP Palestine Country Director Samer Abdeljaber. “Behind every number we share are struggling families. WFP’s food and cash assistance is the only standing safety net for these families. We cherish this emerging partnership that enables the flow of life-saving nutrition to those we are committed to assisting while also injecting transformative, life-changing economic vitality into the local landscape.”

WFP Cash-based transfers play a fundamental role in establishing a robust social safety net, affording individuals autonomy, a sense of control over their lives, and preserving their dignity. Cash-based transfers have been strategically designed to foster economic empowerment. It grants heads of households, especially women, access to financial support and empowers them as decision-makers within their households. Ultimately, these vouchers serve to enhance the ability of both women and men to effectively cope with shocks, strengthen their financial resilience, and invest in their futures. Beyond the immediate benefit to individuals, cash transfers yield positive ripple effects on the local economy by infusing capital and contributing to job creation.

With deep gratitude, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the Government of Norway for their generous contributions setting the foundation for a steadfast partnership. However, we must urgently stress that the severe funding shortfall WFP experiences is impeding our ability to deliver essential food assistance to the most vulnerable families in Palestine. Without immediate financial support,  WFP's operations in Palestine will be forced to halt by November this year.

WFP continues to work with national partners and NGOs globally and in Palestine to help achieve Zero Hunger for vulnerable people affected by conflicts. This is possible only thanks to the support and contributions from governments, private companies, and individuals. While Norway has just forged a new partnership with WFP in Palestine, it cements its longstanding role as one of WFP's pivotal donors globally.


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