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2012 Nutrition Policy: A Policy Evaluation

2012 Nutrition Policy: A Policy Evaluation
This evaluation of WFP's 2012 nutrition policy commissioned by the Office of Evaluation, was requested by the Executive Board at the time of the Policy's approval.

The evaluation concluded that the Policy was timely and provided a useful and robust analytical framework.

It continues to be relevant to WFP's mandate and generally coherent with  other WFP strategies. It had a practical orientation (although dissemination of guidance to support Policy implementation has been unsystematic), and rightly advocated working through partnerships. However, the Policy was overambitious in its implied targets for an expansion of WFP nutrition programmes. Some of its prescriptions and recommendations were not adequately supported by evidence. Financing and staffing are major constraints to fulfill the Policy's ambition.

The evaluation recommended that the policy be further developed through subject papers and strengthened guidance. Other recommendations focused on strengthening of M&E for nutrition, developing a comprehensive operational research strategy and investing in capacity development. Finally the evaluation recommended WFP to continue stressing the importance of multi-sector partnerships in addressing undernutrition in support of national nutrition policies and strategies.