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2022 – A Year in Review: For WFP Operations across the Middle East, Northern Africa and Eastern Europe (MENAEE) Region
Overview of WFP operations and achievements in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Eastern Europe in 2022

2022 was marked by the war in Ukraine and its impact on the heavily import-dependent MENA region. Conflict, displacement, refugees and massive food price inflation resulted in increased hunger across the region. Overall, by the end of 2022, WFP supported 37 million of the most vulnerable across 15 countries in the region - 32 percent more than reached in 2021 and established two new WFP country offices in Ukraine and Moldova. This review highlights WFP’s achievements in 2022 and plans for the region in 2023 and beyond. WFP operations are set to respond to humanitarian needs close to the frontlines, and to restore and augment local capacity so that WFP can leave Ukraine and Moldova again when the time is right.

Learn more at this interactive report.