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CERFAM Bulletins

Author: CERFAM
CERFAM's Bulletin, published each quarter, is an opportunity offered to CERFAM’s partners to share activities and experiences, in the form of an article or an interview. The eleventh issue is under the theme of Enhancing South-South cooperation by sharing good practices to achieve Zero Hunger in Africa.

CERFAM’s Bulletin is a quarterly publication intended to inform about good practices and progress in Food and Nutrition Security in West and Central Africa and in Africa. This 11th issue of the CERFAM bulletin, enhanced by invaluable expertise, experience, and cross-sectoral insights from CERFAM’s partners, emphasize the importance of supporting mutual assistance and stimulating South-South cooperation through multilateral platforms to assist developing countries in their efforts to eradicate poverty and fight against hunger and malnutrition. HE Mr. Douglas Munsaka Syakalima, Minister of Education, Republic of Zambia, presents the success factors, challenges, and opportunities for successful South-South cooperation exchanges, including the benefits of study visits. The WFP Centre of Excellence for Rural Transformation (WFP China CoE) shares its experience and strategy on leveraging the role of South-South cooperation and sharing of good practices to achieve Zero Hunger in Africa. Building on ten years of fruitful collaboration with the 40 or so countries on the African continent, WFP Centre of Excellence Against Hunger in Brazil shares key lessons and recommendations for enhancing food security and nutrition. This issue concludes with an interview with the Interim Director of CERFAM, who highlighted reasons, the engagement strategy adopted with the countries, the achievements, the challenges encountered, and the perspectives developed by the Centre.